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The GSE Securities Depository (GSD) and the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) are introducing an SMS Alert and E-Mail Notification and Online Service for Investors on the stock market.


This service will be available to investors who have opened a depository account with the GSD, are willing to subscribe to the service and have provided their mobile numbers and email addresses to their Brokers (DPs). The DPs must have captured the numbers in the Depository system.

What is it about?

Whenever there is a transaction on the account of a subscriber at the GSD, an SMS message is triggered into the mobile handset of the investor detailing the transaction on their account. For example, with sales or purchases made the investor will receive an alert specifying the security, volume, date, time and broker who effected the order.

What is Email Notification?

The Email notification, just like the SMS Alert, will send an email to the subscriber whenever there is a transaction on the account of the investor through the Investor Information Portal.

The Investor Information Portal will allow investors to check their account balances over the internet and view the graphical performance of the stocks in their portfolio. Other historical information such as dividend history and index tracking are also available.


The following are some of the benefits to be derived when you subscribe to the SMS Alert, E-mail Notification Service and Investor Information portal:

  • Receive immediate notifications (i.e. SMS and e/mail) of buy or sell orders when those orders are placed by the brokers on the stock market on your behalf.
  • Receive alerts of settlement of trades, share transfers, corporate actions such as bonus issues and announcement on dividends.
  • Check your securities account statement over the internet.
  • Check performance of stocks in your portfolio.
  • Check dividend history of listed companies
  • View and track the GSE All-Share Index trend, etc

Other benefits include:

  • Reduces chances of fraud on your account.
  • Effective control of transactions.
  • Improves confidence
  • Secure access to your GSD account from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Easy and simple registration online on the website: or through your broker.
How do you subscribe?

To subscribe or register for the service, an Investor will be required to do the following:

  1. Go to your stockbroker where you have already opened a Depository account, fill out a form with your account details such as your Account Number/Code and the ID number (Passport, Driving Licence, Voters ID and NIS number) used to register that account.

  2. Go on line at this website and fill out a subscription form online with account details such as your Account Number/Code and the ID number (Passport, Driving Licence, Voters ID and NIS number) used to register that account.

The subscription fees are as follows:
- Individual Investor GH¢ 20 per annum
- Corporate or Institutional Investor GH¢ 30 per annum

To register or for more information, contact your broker or the GSD Offices from November 1, 2010.



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